Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who doesn't love black labs?

Here’s the dog:

Every time I think I am going to run out of material for this blog, something a tiny bit quirky seems to happen.   I don’t know if it will continue, but I can’t help but post this clip from the infamous Audubon Park.   This clip perfectly illustrates the value of becoming familiar with the video settings on your camera.  I have never owned a labrador retriever, but have always really appreciated the breed and their owners.   Labs generally have owners that are serious lovers of dogs (and that particular breed of dog).  

And, I can see why.   Labs have many more important things to do than obey the authority figures in their lives if there is some serious action going on. It was hard for me to hold my laughter as I was trying to hold my camera straight for this video clip.    I don’t have a tripod, remember?
If you don’t know how to operate your camera’s video, get out your instruction booklet, and follow the steps.    It is usually as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Oh, and this is an election year! If you watch television of any kind, you will probably be angry.   Turn the television off, head out to the park, and see what is going on.   In addition to this lab clip, we saw a very serious hula hoop person doing all kinds of crazy stuff, a throwback to the late 50s.  I would have loved a video clip of that but did not want to invade her privacy.   I’m not sure if she was practicing a routine or what?  In any case, you can expect that sort of eclectic activity on a weekend afternoon in the park.

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