Thursday, December 25, 2014

Season's Greetings from the Germantown Greenway

I took a bit too much of a respite from both photography and posting, as I prepared for the sale of our house where we lived since the early 80s, and moved to a condo one half the size! This condo was chosen because of the proximity to the Germantown Greenway, which links to the Shelby County Greenway, and the much longer Memphis and Shelby County Greenline. This opened up a new hobby for me--bike riding, as yet again I return to the interests of my youth.  Fortunately I was able to find a decent bike on Craigslist. Perfectly vintage, but I had to buy a basket for the camera.
The Greenway is better suited to bike riding than photography. While there are both willing and unwilling subjects (various animals), most shots are backlit, as the lakes bordering Humphreys Blvd. are south of the trail.  The Wolf River is to the north, but most of the wildlife is around the lakes.  The above lake is at the end of the trail in Germantown, TN, at Neshoba Lake. 

There was a big whodunnit on the trail this Christmas, as various Christmas decorations eventually led to a sort of nativity scene consisting of two concrete beavers and a make believe beaver home.    

A few bushes over several miles had these ornaments on them.

 Pretty cute hat and fishing pole, for a beaver.
 A manger scene with no occupants.
 Not to be outdone by the upright concrete beaver..
Although most bike rides produce no great photos, since I can easily bike to this six mile long trail, I go often enough that I get some decent photos.  This isn't either a concrete or a real beaver, but some sort of nutria or muskrat, I think.  Note the paws!
Yes, I know it is a little late in the season to go bike riding, but here in the mid south, we get occasional winter days like this.  On this sandbar people like to pretend they are at the beach. 
It was taken ona day when the sun was shining and the sky was blue. 
And, yes, of course there are green herons, blue herons, hawks, and geese galore. 

In the spring, when it is warmer, and the constant construction at Shelby Farms ramps down, I plan to venture off the Greenway, and into Shelby Farms, which is just one bike bridge away from the Greenline.  Here is a photo taken along the path.
Here is to more adventures in a New Year--2015!