Monday, March 19, 2012

Cherry Road, Redux

Pink on Pink
Cherry Blossom Petals Floating in Water in a Drainage Ditch

After a quick weekend trip to the river, I felt the need to revisit the cherry trees, since they were still budding last week.  Indeed, they were changed enough to add this PS, or maybe I will call it an addendum to original Cherry Road post.  The blossoms were more fully formed, pinker, and many had been blown into the water in the drainage ditch.  The blossoms in the drainage ditch is actually my favorite cherry blossom photograph this year.   I found this quotation about cherry blossoms:  Pablo Neruda, a Chilean writer said, "I want to do to you what spring does to the cherry trees."  I would love to know the context of this.  Does he want to make someone blossom, or does he want to blow someone's blossoms away only to have them collect in a drainage ditch? 
There are four lessons to learn from this blog post--a. Don't take photos of cherry blossoms too early, b. always look in standing water to get photos, c. never promise only two photo blog posts of blooming flowers during a Memphis spring,  d. Go in the MORNING to take photos of cherry trees on Cherry Road in Memphis, or at least those on the golf course side.  They look much better when they are not backlit as they were in my first post.  Also there are fewer golfers and you likely won't get hit by a golf ball if go onto the course to get a better photo.  This is the perspective from inside the golf course, and it makes all the difference.  Try comparing it to the same line of cherry trees from the street perspective that I posted last week, and you will see why this Cherry Road Redux post was necessary.
The lineup of cherry trees on the golf course 

Drainage ditch with cherry blossoms


  1. Lol, lovely post. Reminds me of the Buddhist who thought he saw Beautiful roses only to discover, once closer, it was rust. Not a pond but a drainage ditch :-)

  2. Thanks. I think I will add a picture of the drainage ditch just for the record. Going to update now.